The Wand

The Wand is used to deliver local anesthesia with precision and accuracy. It is controlled by a computer chip, which meters the dosage delivery to the patient for maximum patient comfort. Dr. Barbieri was also an early adopter of this technology and has been using it for many years. The most common comment he gets from new patients is "how come every dentist doesn't use this!?"

Dr. Barbieri believes the Wand and a properly administered, effective pre numbing agent (topical anesthetic) is far and away the most comfortable way to numb patients for routine dentistry.

Apex Locator

The Apex locator is a device that is used during Root Canal Therapy. It emits sonic waves. Similar to a sonogram, it allows us accurately determine the location of the end of the root canal within the tooth. The advantage is allows the dentist to get a very accurate cleansing and filling of the canal and minimizes the number of x-rays needed for the procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X- Rays (radiographs) provide detailed digital radiographic images of the teeth which can easily be viewed by the dentist and the patient. The images are immediately available and can be enlarged and enhanced for greater detail on the computer screen at much lower radiation exposure than conventional x-rays. These images also can be shared easily electronically with consulting doctors and insurance providers, saving time for the patient.


The Isolite is a device, which isolates, lights and removes debris from the dental operative site while the dentist is working. The Isolite is an absolute necessity for sedated patients and also adds a lot of comfort for patients who are awake. The Isolite helps Dr. Barbieri ensure that no debris particles or fluids will go down the patients throat during treatment and helps to providing a clean, well lighted operating environment. This benefits the patient’s comfort, peace of mind and also allows for a bite rest for the patient during the procedure, helping to eliminate jaw fatigue.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics is an innovation of the way root canals are cleaned and shaped, resulting in less time in the chair for the patient. This process was formerly done by hand and was very time consuming. Using a handpiece similar to a tooth polisher, rotary endodontics has sped up the process. Teeth cleaned with the rotary approach are more uniformly cleaned and shaped, allowing for more predictable success of root canal therapy.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning (periodontal therapy)

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the gentlest and most effective way to remove tartar and toxins from the teeth during the dental hygiene visit. This allows for better patient comfort and healing response than the hand scaling that dental hygienists often use.