Every smile is unique, and so, every Smile Makeover completed by Dr. Barbieri is uniquely customized to fit the patient’s goals. The Smile Makeover process starts with a consultation with Dr. Barbieri to understand your point of view and your goals for smile enhancement.

The steps to getting you a confident smile may include:
● Consultation and photographic smile assessment
● Diagnostic wax-up
● Cosmetic preview with a temporary smile
● Custom cosmetic restorations for a new smile

Consultation and Smile Assessment

Pre-treatment pictures of your smile help to diagnose any problematic areas that need to be addressed in your cosmetic smile makeover. Professional-grade digital photography is used to assess your current smile. Dr. Barbieri will carefully analyze the details of the photographs in order to design a customized plan to achieve a pleasing smile. To successfully design a new smile, Dr. Barbieri addresses all the teeth displayed when you smile; for some this can be as few as 6 teeth, for others it can be as many as 20 teeth. Digital photographs help to see how many teeth need to be included in your smile makeover, and if any soft tissue augmentation is needed, to achieve your smile enhancement goals.

Diagnostic wax-up

A diagnostic wax-up is key for every cosmetic smile makeover. Pre-treatment diagnostic models help assess your case, and how dramatic your smile makeover can be. Impressions are taken for diagnostic records and a diagnostic wax-up. This serves as the cosmetic preview of what your improved final smile will look like before any treatment is done. For Dr. Barbieri, a diagnostic wax-up is also a blueprint which helps determine the treatment steps needed to best improve your smile.

Cosmetic Temporary Smile

Dr. Barbieri uses the diagnostic wax-up to create a reshaped version of your teeth and bond your temporary enhanced smile. Your temporary smile is a functional preview of your cosmetically improved smile. Over the next few days we work closely with you to re-evaluate and make adjustments to ensure you are comfortable. Once you are happy with the aesthetics and completely comfortable, a copy of your temporary smile is made. Our lab mimics every detail when making the final restorations.

Completed Smile Makeover

Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for! When you receive your final ceramic restorations for your smile makeover, Dr. Barbieri gently removes your cosmetic temporary smile and triple-checks the fit of each porcelain restoration. Once the fit of each ceramic restoration is confirmed, you will be shown your enhanced smile and approve for it to be inserted. Dr. Barbieri will complete your smile makeover by bonding your custom porcelain restorations to your teeth. Some patients also decide to wear a night guard with their new smile to prevent chipping and wear, and protect their investment in a smile makeover.