Some people are unable to complete dental using only local anesthesia and conventional pain management techniques. Often these patients suffer from true dental phobia or may have hyper reactive gag response. If you are a person who has avoided regular dental care due to fear or embarrassment, there is a better way: you too can enjoy having a happy, healthy mouth.

Dr. Barbieri has always had special place in his heart for patients who are fearful of dentists. He is pleased to offer various levels of Conscious Sedation at Main Street Smile. Proper Oral Health is so important to a person’s general health and well being that it should not be avoided for any reason, including fear. If you have been avoiding the dentist for many years because of these fears or concerns, don’t wait, call Main Street Smile today!

We begin with a simple meeting with Dr. Barbieri, away from the dental chair. Dr. Barbieri will sit down with you and discuss all of your fears and concerns. He will then explain how we have safely and successfully treated patients just like you. Like everything at Main Street Smile, your Sedative needs are customized specifically to you.

There are various levels of sedation, which can be done safely in the dental office environment. For true dental phobias, we use an approach known as IV Conscious Sedation. In these cases, we have a board certified MD anesthesiologist on staff who works together with Dr. Barbieri to deliver optimal dental treatment. Best of all, the patient is resting comfortably throughout the procedure and has no memory of the treatment afterwards.

Many patients are not dental phobic but are anxious dental patients. We have been treating these patients very effectively for many years with a form of Conscious Sedation known as Nitrous Oxide Analgesia. In this technique, Dr. Barbieri combines Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen, gently administered using a special device known as the "Wand”, and local anesthesia to allow the patient to complete their dentistry in a very pleasant manner. This method does not require an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Barbieri treats every patient, even those who have no concerns about having treatment with the highest degree of concern for patient comfort. With that in mind, he has perfected his techniques to maximize patient comfort for all. He always pre-numbs the mouth with a very effective topical anesthetic before the administration of local anesthesia. He uses a computer chip aided local anesthesia delivery device (the Wand), which allows for more accurate injections to minimize pain. 9 out of 10 patients say it’s completely pain-free! Dr. Barbieri also verifies that his patient is completely numb before beginning any treatment. Dr. Barbieri wants every patient to consider their time in the chair as the relaxing part of their day!