Root Canal Therapy (endodontics) is a treatment that allows the preservation and restoration of teeth, which have either a severe disease or injury of the dental pulp.

The Dental pulp consists of the nerve and blood vessels which are contained within the tooth. This Dental pulp can be irreversibly damaged by disease, such as dental cavities, a traumatic injury, or bite habits. When the pulp damage is irreversible the only treatment options are Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) or Extraction.

Root Canal Therapy can allow a patient to maintain the tooth as a functioning member of the dental arch for many years to come. There was a time when the “Root Canal” was a procedure which patients dreaded and avoided. That is no longer the case; modern day Root Canal Therapy is routinely done with complete patient comfort. Root Canal Therapy used require multiple visits per tooth to complete. Today, many procedures can be accomplished in a single visit. There have been many technological advances such as Apex locators, Rotary endodontic, digital x-rays, cone beam imaging and improved filling techniques which have allowed Root canal therapy to be safer, easier and more predictable than ever. Dr. Barbieri has always been an early-adopter of these technologies.

At Main Street Smile, we can perform most Root Canals right in our office. If you have a particularly complicated root canal, we have partnered with highly qualified Endodontic specialists to assure that your root canal has the highest probability of a successful outcome.