Our first goal in Restorative dentistry is prevention. The best restoration is the one we never have to do. We truly enjoy showing our patients how they can avoid dental caries, better known as cavities.

When Restorations are needed Dr. Barbieri has a few simple goals. He wants to provide restorations that look good, feel good and last a long, long time. Dr. Barbieri prefers to provide restorations which are as minimally invasive as possible while accomplishing these goals.

Dr. Barbieri was one of the first dentists in the US to offer Adhesive dentistry. Adhesive dentistry has been an integral part of allowing him to place beautiful, long lasting Tooth Colored Restorations any where in the dental arch.

Tooth Colored Restorations come in many varieties and types of materials. Dr. Barbieri chooses the materials that are best for each patient. He bases his decision on many factors, always providing the best option for each individual patient. Important factors which may affect the decision include the patient’s bite habits and scheme, cosmetic needs, and predicted longevity of the restoration. Dr. Barbieri always discusses the treatment options with the patient. The Main Street Smile team will also help you determine how you can get the treatment you need and stay within your budget.