One of the biggest complaints of denture wearers is that they are uncomfortable and difficult to function with. There is a better alternative to traditional dentures- the implant-supported overdenture! Implant-supported overdentures are secured in place eliminating the ill-fit that causes discomfort and dependency on adhesives and creams. Implant-supported overdentures also have excellent retention and stability, so you can spend less time worrying about your teeth falling out and more time enjoying your smile!

What Is an Implant-supported Overdenture?

Similar to traditional dentures, implant-supported overdentures have the added benefit of “attachments” that snap onto the implants to hold the dentures in place. The attachments greatly increase the retention and stability of the prosthesis. Implant-supported overdentures are more common on the lower jaw, which traditionally poses greater instability issues and comfort challenges to patients.

Implant-supported overdentures can be either partial or complete dentures. The number of implants and their positioning is dependent upon the type of denture a patient needs. A 3D image is typically required to determine if a patient is a candidate for implant-supported overdentures and plan out implant placement.

What Can You Expect From Your Implant-Supported Denture?

For patients who have worn traditional dentures, the benefits of transitioning to implant-supported overdentures are numerous. Our patients are overjoyed because in addition to having more secure and comfortable dentures, they are able to speak, drink, and eat without worrying about their dentures falling out. Patients that have opted to eliminate covering the roof of their mouth also report a better ability to taste foods!